Monday, February 25, 2013

While In Texas...Do As The Texans Do

Of course I love and have been loyal to all my Philadelphia teams (Flyers, Eagles, Phillies, and 76ers), and I hate to admit this, but I've also enjoyed the Dallas Mavericks ever since I started watching them with my boyfriend a few years ago. I honestly don't mind Dallas teams or fans, except for the Cowboys of course. I will never cheer for the Dallas Cowboys because 1. they suck and 2. for fear of being disowned by my Daddy (GO EAGLES). Last week my boyfriend and I were able to go on StubHub and get great tickets for a great price for Wednesday's Mavs game. We found parking in a parking garage (it was raining) for $15 that was just across the street from the stadium. To my surprise, there was no traffic to get to the game, unlike Philly games where the traffic is horrible. We had already ate dinner at home before leaving, so once we found our seats, we both got over priced beers to enjoy the game with. The game was so much fun and luckily they won the game! It's always better when they win. I've been keeping my eye out for cheap tickets to come up on StubHub again. The closer it gets to game day, the cheaper the tickets get. I can't wait to go to a few more games before the season is over. 
I love this picture of AAC with the Dallas skyline
Our tickets from StubHub
"I'm at the W, but I can't meet you in the lobby"
My future home
View from our seats
Almost game time 
Mark Cuban goes to all the games
With my baby :)
Game time!
Yayy MAVS win! 
We even got to watch the news being filmed outside AAC
On Monday last week, since it was Presidents Day, my boyfriend was able to take a long lunch and meet me at a Mexican restaurant called Gloria's. It was right across the street from his office in Addison. I ordered the chicken enchiladas as I always do at Mexican restaurants. They were good and very filling and unlike most enchiladas I've had in the past. For lunch, prices were reasonably priced, and I loved getting to spend time with my baby during the work week.
My chicken enchiladas 
After Gloria's I still was craving Mexican food so on Sunday we went to another Mexican place called Chuy's. Chuy's has a bunch of locations in the South and is really quite an experience. All Chuy's are very unique and different from each other. They say, if you've been to one Chuy's, you've been to one Chuy's. I had been to Chuy's the last time I was visiting Texas and was craving their Chicka Chicka Boom Boom sauce. If you ever go to check them out, you have to try their famous sauce. I ordered the chicken enchiladas, no surprise there, and was so excited to eat, I forgot to take a picture! You'll have to use your imagination on how delicious they were. I enjoyed Chuy's enchiladas more than Gloria's mostly because of the original sauces Chuy's has to offer. Their prices were very similar so if I had a choice, I'd easily go back to Chuy's first. 
I love the palm trees
After getting my Mexican fill, I was craving some sweet treats. I mentioned before, but Korean bakeries really are the best. My boyfriend and I went to Mozart, a Korean bakery in the Korean district right by where we do our grocery shopping. Mozart is a delicious bakery with daily fresh baked cookies and cakes. I went in there on a Macaron mission. I'd never tried Macarons before, but I kept hearing people talk about them everywhere I'd go. I decided I had to try them and what better place to have my first Macaron than from a Korean bakery. I bought one in each flavor obviously! I've only tried chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry so far, but vanilla is my favorite right now. If you've never tried a Macaron, it's buttercream or jam sauce sandwiched between two soft cookies. While I was on my Macaron mission, my boyfriend also grabbed some other Korean sweets to try. I better not go into Mozart too often, I could easily gain 10 pounds from their delicious Macarons. 
I'll have one of each, please
What I came for
I start work this week so my posts might take me a little long to write, but I will make sure to keep posting about what I am doing and where I'm going here in Dallas.