Friday, February 1, 2013

Moving to Dallas

It has been a few weeks since I've last updated my blog, and so much has changed! Currently I am writing this blog update from our new apartment in Dallas, Texas! Last Thursday my boyfriend flew into Philadelphia to help me pack up my car and drive me out to our new home. After 22 days away from each other, being reunited was amazing. We have never spent that much time apart from each other before. I guess its true what they say, distance makes the heart grow fonder. On Friday we drove down to my Mom's house to get my things and pack up my car. Of course it had to snow, because it wouldn't be right if we were moving and it wasn't. Most of our things are in our storage unit which will be arriving hopefully in the next week or so. I only had to pack my clothes, one of our TVs, and some miscellaneous things in my car. This move was nothing compared to our move out of State College. I tried to downsize my clothes, and left a good deal of them at my Mom's house.

Moving my things out of my Mom's house
I've found leaving my clothes on hangers is the easiest way to move them
Of course it had to snow
On Saturday it was time to say goodbye to my family and start the next chapter in my life. It was so MUCH harder to say goodbye than I thought it would be. I've been living on my own since I was 17, but after living at home for a month, I grew comfortable just spending time with my family. Leaving for Dallas was like leaving for college all over again. This time it was even harder since I am living 1,500 miles away, and I can't just drive home to see my family whenever I want now. The not knowing of when I will see them next is the hardest part. My family is really supportive and is proud of me for stepping out side my comfort zone and living this new and exciting life. I only cried for about half the drive to Dallas so that's not too bad right?
Our 1,500 mile road trip
Saying goodbye to PA and hello to TX
We decided that we would make an overnight stop in Nashville, Tennessee to break up the long trip. We hit the road at about 9:45AM on Saturday morning, and arrived in Nashville around 11:00PM Saturday night. Although somewhere along the drive we gained an hour. I'll have to get use to living in the Central time zone instead of Eastern. We only had to stop for gas three times and had lunch and dinner at fast food places to save on time. The drive wasn't too bad considering the last time we drove to Dallas we did it all in one shot, sitting in the car for 21 straight hours. After getting a good night sleep in Nashville, we hit the road again around 10:00AM, and arrived in Dallas just after 8:30PM on Sunday night. Again, we stopped for gas two times and had lunch and dinner at fast food places. As we drove further down South, gas got considerably cheaper. When we filled up in PA, gas was $3.60/gallon. 1,200 miles later we filled up in Arkansas for $3.09 (its ok to be jealous). Since we didn't move into our new apartment until today, my boyfriend's parents were nice enough to let us stay with them for a few days. Thanks Mama and Papa Cho! 


We ended up going through six states to get to our new home (I missed the Tennessee sign because it was dark outside). I am happy that LONG drive is over! 

Our hotel was really nice! 
Today was moving day and we got to pick up our keys to our new place. We still have to wait for our storage unit to move most of our things in, but the good thing about this apartment is that is furnished not only with furniture but also kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom supplies. When our storage unit is delivered we will have the apartment company come and pick up all the items we don't need anymore since we have all our own things. It will feel more like home to me when I have my pictures and decorations that are in our box and when I have ALL my clothes! How's a girl suppose to live with only half her closet? Of course all my summer clothes and shoes are in storage, therefore I've been living in my cold winter clothes. Texas is getting pretty warm these days, so I could really use that storage unit about now! 

Welcome to our home
Welcome present from our landlord
View of the pond from our balcony 
Our balcony is HUGE 
The cows right outside our apartment
Our bedroom and view of the cows 
My favorite part about the apartment! (only 1/2 of it) 
Stairs coming into our apartment 
Our bathroom
Dining Room
My second favorite part about the apartment
Living Room and Balcony door  
Kitchen Island and Desk
Our apartment floor plan 

We've been going to a lot of restaurants and fun places around Dallas, so as soon as we get settled in a little more I'll be sure to update. Family and friends, I miss you guys like crazy! Thanks for all your love and support <3