Monday, August 26, 2013

Welcome to Paradise- St. Maarten

I love traveling and I love water, so when you take me on a vacation to a place where there is beautiful blue water and you add in the people I love, I couldn't have had a better time in St. Maarten. There is no better way to write this blog than with pictures, words couldn't do it justice...
I love all the different color blues
Getting close to land
Literally landing on water at the St. Maarten airport
Reece getting pushed in the pool by Daddy 
Our hotel pool and bar
The view of the beach 
Waiting to go to the beach
Extra large Caribbean lobster
The pool at night and looking for the meteor shower
Day 2 with my mini me 
Logan covering me in sand
Building sand castles 
Watching the girls make sand castles 
"Find your beach"
Reece and Cho at dinner
More Caribbean lobster
Happy 10 year anniversary! 
I love her
Sharing a dance
My two favorites 
I love my family 
Welcome to paradise 
White sand clear water 
Exploring new beaches
Clear water
With my baby
Daddy and his three girls 
Orient Beach... perfection 
Reece boggie boarding 
Pictures just don't do it justice
Logan and I boggie boarding 
Having too much fun
Logan riding some waves
I love this picture of her
Showing the kids how it's done!
Reece hanging on the beach
Dinner on the water
In the butterfly garden
Don't ask why she is wearing a BK crown  
Butterflies everywhere!
I think you have something in your hair
Reece's favorite butterfly
Butterfly shirt for the butterfly garden
My two munchkins  
Beautiful flowers 
Looks like a python 
Finding new beaches
Our sandcastle! 
Sandcastle making is hard work!
The finished product
Private island on our snorkeling trip
So much fun! 
Lion fish, can you find it?
Snorkeling is my favorite thing in the world to do 
Hello Mr. Lobster
Reece's first time snorkeling 
Sea Turtle!
Sting Ray
Nap time
Pose for the camera 
Being silly is what we do best
Best sign ever
Driving the boat 
Dinner on the water
Reece made a friend
Some of the beautiful sunsets on the island...
Enjoying the sun set with my sisters
Logan is such a model
We made friends with some hermit crabs
Reece's big hermit crab 
My two pirates
My Caribbean sisters 
Daddy <3
Family <3
Cooling down watching my sisters zipline after our EXTREME course
Taking a break for pictures 
Reece up in the trees
She is an expert 
Flying through the trees
Such cuties 
After ziplining we decided to hike a mountain 
We made it to the top
Thank you to my amazing family for making this trip so special <3
If you do ever decide to take a trip to St. Maarten (which you should!) then you have to make a stop at Captain Alan's for a great day of snorkeling and lounging on privates beaches: (pictured above). Also, my favorite restaurant on the island was Toppers and Toppers by the Sea who has their own house made rum and had the best service on the island:

Check back soon for more updates about DALLAS!