Saturday, February 9, 2013

Dallas Likes and Dislikes

Since I first arrived here, I started keeping a list of things I LOVE about Dallas and things I miss or could do without. 

Things I LOVE:

1. I love the fact that it is early February and it's already 75 degrees! Pools are open, skirts are flowing, tans are glowing. When I left PA it was the coldest day in over 4 years and snowing, so I welcomed this Dallas weather with open arms. Goodbye 20 degree weather and hello 75! 

2. Gas prices are significantly cheaper down here. The highest I've see so far is $3.29, and I've seen it as cheap as $3.09. I'm use to paying at least $3.50/gallon so saving money on gas have been very nice. Gotta love the fact that Texas has its own gas!

3. The average speed limit around here is 70. In PA most roads are 55 with an occasional 65 on the Turnpike. One road around here is even 80. Is this real life?! How can cops catch people for speeding when the speed limit is 80? It's great! 

4. I've never met such nice, caring people until I moved here. Everyone, and I mean everyone, is friendly. Whether it's someone walking past you, a server, or a neighbor, everyone makes it a point to be nice. I'm from the North where it's a dog eat dog kind of world. It really surprised me how different the people are down here. It makes me such a nicer and more patient person, and I love it! 

5. My favorite kind of food is Mexican, and let me tell you they have AMAZING Mexican food down here. Even TexMex is awesome. The food is so authentic and delicioso. I can't wait to try out even more Mexican places, but so far my favorite is Luna de Noche. I could eat Mexican food everyday and not get sick of it. 

6. I've heard of Southern sunsets being amazing, but until I saw one for the first time in person I couldn't even believe how beautiful they are. I don't know why it's so different from the North, but it's on a whole new level of beautiful. I absolutely love watching the set sun, and now I can sit on my balcony everyday and have a first row seat to the beautiful red sky. 

7. In the winter months up North, it's depressing when you look outside at 5:00 and it's dark. I love that at 6:30 the sun is just setting. It makes the days feel much longer, and I have much more motivation to get things done. 

8. The customer service down South is incomparable to anything up North. Every single person is willing to help and they do it with a smile on their face. Everyone is wanting to go above and beyond to make the customer happy, which is something I am not use to. The customer is always right definitely applies down here. 

9. I am not a big drinker, but I love the fact that you can buy alcohol everywhere down here. A gas station, grocery store, a mall. PA has such hard restrictions on alcohol that it took me for surprise when I went to Whole Foods and found an entire three isles just of wine. 

Things I MISS/DON'T like:

1. Well duhhh I miss my family like crazy! I am so lucky to have such a supportive family who loves me and allows me to follow my dreams. Thank you Daddy & Alisha for allowing to me live at home for the last month rent free :) I have two very little sisters (who I love more than anything) and missing them grow up is extremely difficult. Please don't grow up too much! My Mom is such an important person in my life. Her optimism, strength, and wisdom blow me away sometimes. She's my rock. Now she's my rock from 1,500 miles away. Thanks Mom. I've always been close to my entire extended family as well. Aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents I miss you all. Living 1,500 miles apart is hard, but I know they are all only a phone call away. Thank you family <3 
My Dad's family in Cape May, NJ
My Momma, beautiful inside and out
2. I haven't seen my best friend since 2012, well December 31st 2012, but still! For being the person I used to spend every waking minute with, being so far apart is a BIG deal! She's my best friend, mama, and soul mate. I know if I ever need anything she will always be there for me, and I will always be there for her too. Pleeeeeeeease come visit me soon ma!  Ps- get better at texting please, no but seriously! 

My dime piece Mama, yes we like to match
3. I didn't realize until I left, just how much I love Penn State. Ask any Penn Stater and they will all tell you there is just something unexplainable about Penn State that makes it unlike any other school. It's what makes us the best (haters gonna hate). I'll miss $2 you call its at The Den (also where I met my boyfriend), 110,000 people whiteout games, and screaming WE ARE everywhere we go. Thank you for making me the person I am today Penn State. 
Graduation Day, May 2011
4. Being a Northern girl, I like to do things very fast. Eat fast, drive fast, shop fast, walk fast, talk fast. People down South like to do things very slow which drives me crazy at times. I am the type of person who is always early. If I have to be there at 7, I'll be there at 6:45. Down here they say 7ISH and arrive at 7:30. What is ISH? ISH is not a time people! People who know me, know if there's one thing I can't stand, it's people who can't be on time. Hopefully the more I live here the more I'll get use to it. Hey, maybe I will even start to slow down a little myself (I said maybe...).

5. I am anything but a country girl, but people down here love their huntin, fishin, campin, country music, and red meat. I'm not a city girl either, and Dallas is HUGE. I mean HUGE. I am pretty good with direction, but this city gets me all kinds of confused. They have about 50 different highways all that lead to the many surrounding areas of Dallas. The road names don't make sense either. How can there be a 35E North and a 35E South?! Not only are there a ton of highways, but they are all under construction making it even more difficult to learn my way around. Thank god for iPhone navigation!  

6. And my number 1 complaint about Dallas.... them Cowgirl fans are everywhere! I'll always be Philly proud baby, E-A-G-L-E-S!