Sunday, March 10, 2013

On Top of the World... Literally & Figuratively ♡

I hope everyone is having a great weekend so far and remembered to change the clocks forward an hour :) I started work this past week, so my blog has taken me a little longer to finish than I would have liked. Getting use to working again has been rough. Of course I would love to stay home and continue to be a domestic goddess (trademarked by me), but I enjoy my new job. I just wish I had more time to dedicate to my blog or even better... make money off writing my blog! We've been keeping busy in Dallas and experiencing some awesome new restaurants as well as visiting old ones. This week was my boyfriend's 24th birthday (we're getting too old!) and so we did some extra special things!
Happy birthday my love <3
Decorations to make the day special :) 
My boyfriend and I love sushi, and this week we had a really big craving for great sushi. We decided the only place to go was Tokyo One in Addison, TX! It has been featured on the Food Network's Best of series, and was included on the Best of Asian and Best of Dallas shows. Tokyo One offers a HUGE buffet in an upscale yet relaxed environment, with something for everyone to enjoy. Sushi lovers will be amazed by their spread of over 80 types of sushi and sashimi. They also offer a full hibachi grill where they can make your hibachi meal right in front of you. My favorite part was the endless crab legs and of course the sushi. They even offer many dessert options. For two people for dinner their price was $30/person. Needless to say, I was more than stuffed leaving Tokyo One after a great dinner, and we definitely got our moneys worth! 
Tokyo One buffet 
Part of the sushi buffet 
They offer hot pots so you can cook or warm seafood up at your table 
More of the sushi buffet
I LOVE crab legs 
Hibachi chicken 
Assorted desserts 
We love finding new restaurants and exploring new parts of Dallas. We found a great restaurant called Del Frisco's Grille in Uptown Dallas. The best part about going here is they actually offered free parking. This is unheard of in Uptown Dallas. The environment is super modern, and we got to sit on the second floor of the restaurant where they had an awesome outdoor seating area. I want to go back when it's nicer outside and enjoy that lounge area. I ended up getting a white cheese pizza (original I know), and my boyfriend got ahi tuna. They both were really good. We also got the fried cheese appetizer and chocolate Nutella pudding cake for dessert. All together the meal was great and super filling as you can imagine. Since Del Frisco's is in Uptown Dallas it was a bit more expensive, so this is not a place we would come every week. Our service was great, the environment was great, and most importantly the food was great! 
Del Frisco's Grille 
Fried Cheese Balls, you can't go wrong
My boyfriend's ahí tuna
My white pizza
Chocolate Nutella Bread Pudding
Open kitchen with two story dining room

On Thursday it was my baby's birthday, so after work I met him and some of his friends from work at BJ's (I blogged about this restaurant before). BJ's has an in house brewery, and after a long day at work I had to order a beer. Anyone who knows me knows that I love pink, so when I found out I could order a pink beer I couldn't resist. It was actually really light and fruity, just the way I like my beer. Since I already blogged about BJ's I won't go into too much detail. The one thing I do want to add is since we were celebrating my boyfriend's birthday we had to order dessert. We've been talking about beignets for awhile now, trying to find a place in Dallas that makes an original New Orleans beignet. BJ's actually had their own version of a beignet so we had to try it out. Although it wasn't like the original New Orleans beignet (I'm still searching for that one), it was still really good. It was great to be out and celebrate my boyfriend's birthday with friends in an awesome atmosphere. 
Although not a real beignet, still delicious! 
Last night we went out to dinner with my boyfriend's parents to celebrate his birthday again. We decided that we loved Villa-O so much when we went on Valentine's Day, that we had to go back again. We were both dying to go back and try their house made pasta. I decided on their penne vodka and I have to say, I've had a lot of penne vodka in my day, this was the best hands down. My boyfriend got the fettuccine alfredo, and he also said it was the best he's ever had. If you love handmade pasta, you HAVE to try out Villa-O. It was great to spend time and share this great restaurant with his parents. Although I have to say, the best part of the dinner was when our valet driver gave us free lower level tickets to the Dallas Stars game tomorrow night. Talk about service! 
Best Penne Vodka in my life
Happy birthday baby
Make a wish!
This weekend I made a bucket list of about 30 things that I want to do while in Dallas so the next time my boyfriend asks "what do you want to do tonight", I'll have an answer. There is so many cool things to do in Dallas, I don't want to miss anything! The number one thing on my bucket list was to go to Reunion Tower and have a drink at Five Sixty restaurant. After dinner at Villa-O we headed over the Reunion Tower to experience this classic Dallas landmark. Reunion Tower is 560 feet tall with a revolving restaurant at the top of the ball. Although the observation deck is closed for renovations right now, Wolfgang Puck's restaurant Five Sixty is open for business. During a thunderstorm, we got into the glass elevator and headed up to the top of the revolving ball. This was not my favorite part considering I'm slightly scared of heights, and the thunderstorm wasn't helping me relax. After what felt like a 2 minute long elevator ride, we stepped out to see the entire Dallas skyline at night with a view to die for. We were able to find a table to sit and enjoy the 360 view of Dallas. Once I calmed down from the elevator ride, I felt like I was on top of the world literally and figuratively. I had such an amazing night spending time and sharing this awesome experience with the love of my life. We can't wait to go back and eat dinner here. I want to go around 6:30PM to experience the skyline in the day and night. I mean who wouldn't want to eat Wolfgang Puck's food? If you are ever in Dallas, this is a can't miss experience. This has been my favorite Dallas memory so far hands down
Bucket List #1
Skyline from the ground
560 feet up
The sky looks like that from the lightening 
What the place looks like when it's empty 
Wolfgang Puck
Wine selection 
I needed alcohol after that elevator ride
With my baby and Bank of America in the back
Bank of America 
This is BIG 12 country boooo
Wouldn't have wanted to share this with anyone but the love of my life
Selfies :)