Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Keeping Up With The SmithChos

It has been way too long since I've had time to update my blog! We've been super busy out here in Dallas doing all sorts of new things and enjoying the beautiful weather (sorry PA about the snow this week). One thing I will say that I miss about PA is free Rita's water ice day. The first day of spring is ALWAYS my favorite day since it's also free Rita's day. If you are from the North, then you anticipate this day just as I do each year. I luckily found a Rita's down here about 12 miles from my house, but when I got there, it was nearly empty. Where is the long line of hundreds of people excitedly waiting for their free water ice? Apparently Rita's is not such a big thing down here. Bummer. Oh well, I got my free Rita's and actually met a fellow Philadelphia in line. Overall, good day.

Since it has been so nice here, we've been trying to do things outside now. Last Sunday we went to The Fountain Place, which is a fountain park right outside Fountain Place Tower. I love water (it is a serious obsession), so when we found out about this place we had to go! It was right downtown Dallas in the middle of all the skyscrapers. Of course the one time we decide to go the fountains were all off since it was very windy. We still had a great time walking around downtown Dallas. It's amazing what new things you can find while walking instead of driving. You pick up on so much more! We found so many cool and exciting things to do downtown like exploring the arts district and a brand new outdoor park Dallas has. We can't wait to go back when the fountains are on and get to explore downtown Dallas even more!
Fountain Place Tower
All the fountains are off :(
I love water!
Restaurant on the water
Skyscrapers including Bank of America
Fountain Tower again 

Last Saturday was literally 85 degrees and absolutely beautiful. We had to spend the entire day outside (or in a bar) since it was St. Patrick's Day! I am almost fully Irish, so I take St. Patty's day very seriously. My boyfriend and I decided to go downtown to SMU and meet up with some of his work friends. Of course it was packed and we were lucky to find a parking spot 10 blocks away. SMU has an outdoor St. Patty's Day festival where you pay $10 to get in and then you can go into all the bars or even stay outside on the street and drink. There was a parade going on somewhere, but we missed that. Since it was so packed, we had a hard time finding our friends. We stayed outside on the street and enjoyed a margarita or two. Luckily we just stumbled into my boyfriend's coworkers otherwise we may have never found them. Phone service didn't work! It was so sunny that I actually got a little color on my face and arms. Gotta love it when you are getting naturally tan in early March. One thing that really surprised me were the cops. I am naturally afraid of cops after living in the North for 23 years, and if I see one I normally look the other way. Down here, the cops are much more relaxed and friendly. They were taking pictures, giving high fives, and even enjoying talking with drunk people. The cops up North could take a note from the awesome police down here. I drank way too much, but overall I had an awesome day. I recommend you checking it out next year. SMU kids don't know how to party like PSU kids, but they sure are close. If you decide to go next year... take cash or you will be waiting in an ATM line for over an hour!

Cooling down on this hot day with a tasty margarita 
Large crowds outside on the street
Celebrating with my baby
Sea of green
Kiss me I'm Irish 
Green beer
What a great St. Patty's Day!

This past weekend was my boyfriend and mine 2nd anniversary. I can't believe it's only been two years that we've been together. We've lived in three apartments and two states so far and have so much more to still experience together. Cheese ball alert: These past two years have been the best of my life, and I am so lucky to have found the best guy in the world. He treats me like such a princess and I fall more in love with him every day. Now that's out of the way... we had such a great time celebrating. The weather was cold and raining on Saturday, when we decided to celebrate, so we were limited to indoor activities. For our first date over two years ago we went bowling, and ever since it has become a tradition of ours to go bowling on our anniversary. Our first stop of the day was to 300 Bowling Alley which is an upscale bowling alley (as upscale as a bowling alley can get). We bowled a couple of games, drank some beer, and ate some pizza. What could be better? Of course I won, but that was really no surprise. Three games, pizza, and beer was almost $100. We had so much fun laughing and making fun of each other. They also have a private bowling room which you can rent out for the low cost of $1,500 ha!
My beautiful red roses, the color of love.
Me bowling aka winning!
With the love of my life
My baby bowling
Being silly
Notice how they spelled our names, Sho and Bel ha!

After bowling and pizza we needed some dessert obviously, so our next stop was Gigi's Cupcakes. I had never heard of Gigi's before, but they supposedly have the best cupcakes in Dallas. All they sell is cupcakes, so they'd better be good! And they were, although they have a little bit too much icing for my personal taste. They had a ton of great flavors such as wedding cake, strawberry shortcake, and red velvet cake. Each cupcake was $3.25. Definitely worth a stop if you ever come across one. 

Gigi's cupcake display
Too big to fit!
One strawberry shortcake and one red velvet cake

Our last stop of the night was by far the best. It was a surprise until the last minute, but when we pulled up to Ser restaurant and I saw four Bentleys, I knew I was in the right place. Ser is actually a steak house which I was skeptical of since I don't eat red meat. I later learned that Ser is on the 27th floor of the Dallas Hilton hotel right in downtown Dallas with a view to die for. Two weeks ago we had gone to Reunion Tower which is 56 stories up, but the view from Ser was 100 times better. You could see the entire skyline unlike Reunion Tower where you could only see it from one side. The view alone was enough to have a great dinner, but it gets even better! Our server was great at explaining the menu, and the way she described their sea bass special made it irresistible. I am usually really boring when it comes to food, but at a luxury restaurant like Ser is would be silly to order the chicken. My boyfriend went with the Wagyu beef which he was really excited about. While enjoying the view, my sea bass came out in a paper bag which it was cooked in. The manager actually opened it up for me table side. The aroma that escaped that paper bag was intoxicating. My sea bass came with a lemon risotto which might possibly be the best thing I've ever eaten in my life. The sea bass (which I was nervous about) turned out to be the most delicious fish I'd ever eaten. My boyfriend, who eats red meat like it's his job, said his steak was the best he has every had (bold statement). We also ordered a white tuna appetizer (amazing!) and a beignet dessert (amazing!). The view alone was enough for us to come back, but after that meal it's going to be hard to stay away for long! Our meal with wine was over $200, so definitely not your average every day meal, but for our next special occasion you know where you'll find us! You HAVE to check out Ser, your tastebuds won't be sorry. 

On our way to dinner
Top floor
View to die for
Appetizer, check out that view
Getting the skyline in the back
Open kitchen
I love DTown's skyline
Best thing I've ever eaten!
Baby's Wagyu beef
Happy anniversary baby <3

We ended our anniversary weekend with a trip to the American Airlines Center in downtown Dallas to watch the Dallas Stars play the Minnesota Wild. Funny story, our tickets were actually free from a ticket stub our valet driver gave us a few weeks back. We just had to pay the $4 processing fee from Ticketmaster. Free tickets are always welcomed. On our drive down, my boyfriend informed me that his company does business with American Airlines and gave his company free tickets to sit in their box for the same game we were already heading to. With the help of some of his work friends, we were able to sit in comfort and style while enjoying the Stars play in the American Airlines Center while in the American Airlines suite. Not a bad night. Besides paying $15 for parking, the night was entirely free. Being in the suite really made me realize how truly blessed we are. I look back on my blog and see all the amazing things we’ve done in only two months of being here. It’s important to stop and appreciate all that we’ve done and all that we’ve yet to do. Who else gets to sit with the owners of the stadium on a Monday night? We do! Unfortunately the Stars lost 7-4, but we still had a great time enjoying our time with each other, friends from work, and the American Airlines suite :) 

American Airlines Center
With my baby
Here they come!
Enjoying the game and my beer
We were right on top of all the camera men
Perfect seats
Welcome to the American Airlines suite
3rd period
They lost, but we still had fun
This weekend we are suppose to have nice weather again. You know that whatever we do, I'll be updating you on later. Until next time <3