Thursday, March 6, 2014

Hello California!


We arrived in LA late on Saturday night after leaving Dallas on Friday morning. The drive was long but absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Thank you to my co-workers who suggested I take I-40 instead of taking I-10 through El Paso,TX. The beautiful scenery made the drive enjoyable even though it took about 22 hours. We stayed in Flagstaff, AZ on Friday night which is about 1.5 hours from the Grand Canyon. I had never been to the Grand Canyon so we decided to make a detour and go check it out. The road we took (I-180) was literally the most beautiful road I had ever seen. We drove through countless National Parks and forests. We even saw a bald eagle on the side of the road which was the highlight of the day. Arizona is known for forest fires and we saw an entire mountain taken out by a fire. It was one of the craziest/weirdest things I've ever seen. While driving on I-180 we encountered snow, rain, sun, and more snow. When we finally got to the Grand Canyon, after paying $25 to get in, unfortunately we couldn't see anything. The Canyon was filled with fog. We drove to several look out points and for about 30 seconds the fog cleared enough to see the bottom of the Canyon and the Colorado River. The drive from LA to the Grand Canyon is about 7.5 hours, so I really want to go back when the weather is nicer. Honestly, driving on I-180 was my favorite part of the day. 

Sunsets in Arizona 
I-180 on the way to Grand Canyon 
I-180 snow 
Finally at the Grand Canyon
Can't see much :(
Colorado River
On the way to California
More sunsets 
Our POD wasn't delivered until Monday so we had all day Sunday to explore our new home. We are in the perfect location close to a ton of shops, the beach, and the city. On Sunday we hung out mostly at Laguna Beach all day. There are so many cute shops in Laguna and of course a beautiful beach. We also went to the Irvine Spectrum which is a fun outdoor mall close to our apartment. We still have so much to explore and I can't wait for this weekend to find more fun things to do.
Walls at Laguna Beach 
Laguna Beach
Still can't believe we live here
Art work on the beach
My favorite flower
I'll take both please
Baby <3
Blue whale made from post-it notes 
Ferris wheel at Irvine Spectrum 
Rain but still fun
Palm trees everywhere
Merry go round
I love water
So many water fountains 
Lights made from milk cartons 
I'll be updating on everything we do here in California so check back soon!