Monday, March 31, 2014

Dana Point Sea Cave Adventure

California has so many cool places to explore, so Sunday morning when we woke up we decided we wanted to go to hike at Dana Point to find the "secret" sea cave. I did my research ahead of time and found out that you have to go during low tide or it may be difficult to get there and back. I recommend checking out the tide chart ahead of time to make sure you are going at the right time. After you know what time you need to go (we went at 3:30), the full address is 24200 Dana Point Harbor Drive, Dana Point, CA 92629. There was plenty of parking, and it was actually free (unusual for California). You want to park right in front of the Ocean Education Center and then walk along the path on the right of the building. You will then come to a green staircase that will take you down to the beach. 
Where you should park 
Walking along the path to the beach
The staircase to get to the beach
Finally on the beach!
Dana Point's beach is not a place where you can go swim or surf since it is covered in rocks and boulders, and there really isn't any clear walking path. Keep walking along the large rock wall until you finally come to a small opening in the wall (about .75 miles). You can enter the sea cave here at the smaller opening or continue to walk around until you see the much larger entrance to the sea cave. We ended up at the cave the same time as a 50 person photography class. I guess the cave is not so secret. We waited them out and then had the cave all to ourselves. The entire hike was about 1.5 miles and took around an hour including time to explore the sea cave. I had so much fun being outside in the sun, exercising, and exploring with my boyfriend. I can't wait till this next weekend to see what new adventures we can find in the OC. 
Walking along the rock "path"
An artist setting up rocks, says I love you 
Tons of sea life!
Low tide 
So many mussels 
Beautiful rock wall
Rocky walking path, wear sneakers
So peaceful 
Sitting and enjoying the weather
The sound of waves makes me happy
Huge waves!
Smaller opening to the sea cave
Inside the cave looking out
Larger opening to the sea cave
Inside looking out
I love California!
So many cool rocks inside the cave
I could stay here all day
Adventures with my boo
Tide pools
Saying goodbye to the cave
How we got in and out of the cave
Rock climbing 
Mountains and ocean 
View from the top
Goodbye Dana Point 
I start work this week, but of course I will still be blogging about all the fun things we do here in California.