Monday, February 10, 2014

We're Moving to LA!

Moving your life across the country (for a 2nd time in a year) is not easy especially when you have 3 weeks to do it and still are working full time. Luckily, mother nature knew how stressed I was and decided to bring snow to Dallas last Thursday! I used my snow day to lock in our apartment and sign our lease. The place we decided on is not 100% what we wanted, but we realize we are only going to be there for 6 months so it doesn't have to be perfect. I was more concerned with the online reviews (most apartments got terrible reviews on yelp) and the price of the apartment (good luck finding something for less than 2,000 a month).  

Find apartment: check
Set up all new utilities: check
Cancel all old utilities: check

Next mission is find a moving company. We got an estimate from PODS for $2,400 from Dallas to LA. We also have decided to ship my car which is going to cost another $600. Our things will get moved by PODS, my car will be shipped, and we will drive down together in my boyfriend's car. We plan on leaving Dallas on the morning of February 28th, driving all day, then staying over somewhere in Arizona. Then we will drive the rest of the way on Saturday and hopefully arrive in LA late March 1st. Yayyyyy!

Things to think of when moving across the country:
Finding a new bank
Giving old apartment new address to send security deposit back to
Cancel all utilities including the gym (I almost forgot about that one)
Submit change of address with post office
Get car inspected and oil changed before driving


Bright flowers
We have a garage!
Living area
I love the palm trees