Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Start of Our Journey

Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Valerie Smith and I've decided to start a blog to document mine and my boyfriend's journey around the U.S. My boyfriend just accepted a job at a great company and we are very excited about it! We were also informed that with this job we will be moving... A LOT! Every 6 months for the next 3 years to be exact. Like most people I hate moving, but I am actually very excited to travel the country and explore different cultures, foods, and attractions. I've lived in Pennsylvania my whole life. I grew up outside Philadelphia and then moved to State College when I decided to go to Penn State (that's where I met my amazing boyfriend). My boyfriend is from Austin, Texas and always tells me how different the South is from the North East. I am very excited and a little nervous to explore all new part of the U.S. It looks like we will be moving to Dallas TX, Los Angeles CA, Chicago IL, Atlanta GA, Shelton CT, and Indianapolis IN although those places could be changing. In this blog I will be writing about the actual moving and how I am dealing with packing my life up every 6 months. I will also be writing about each of the places we are moving to and the food, culture, and attractions of each of those places. I'll be updating about our first move (out of State College) really soon! Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey and new chapter in our lives! 

My boyfriend and I where it all began... Penn State!