Wednesday, June 4, 2014

LA for the First Time

After living in Orange County for 3 months, I finally made a trip to LA last weekend. I've seen the LA skyline hundreds of times on TV or in movies, but after seeing it for the first time in person, I felt different. I feel like now I am officially a Southern California resident. I went to LA for a rooftop pool party that didn't work out as planned, but I did get to explore a little and even forever become part of the famous city. Yes, as I was crossing the street (at Fig & 7th) the Google street view car drove by. I expect to be semi-famous in 6 months. Another highlight of the trip was eating the best grilled cheese I ever had from The Melt aka the famous food truck turned restaurant. I know there are hundred of amazing restaurants to choose from in LA, but I was really craving a grilled cheese and was not disappointed by my decision. There is so much to do in LA so we will definitely be making many more trips back. 
Finally seeing LA
There she is
Entering the city
Fig & 7th
The Melt
Google car
First thoughts on LA: I am not much of a city girl so my opinion is biased towards living in the OC (suburbs). Where I live here is safe and clean which is really important to me. Like most big cities, there is going to be poverty and parts are going to be dirty, so I wasn't surprised with LA. It is not my favorite city but definitely not the worst I've ever been to. I love Chicago and Dallas because although being big cities, they are still clean and friendly. The closest city to my home town in PA is Philadelphia, so I am used to cities being over crowded, dirty, and some parts sketchy. Although I love Philly, I could never live there nor could I ever live in LA. I think I will stick to the beautiful Orange County and visit LA on the weekends for good food and tourist stops. Next on my bucket list is to make a trip to the Hollywood Sign and Griffith Observatory. This upcoming weekend I will be returning to good old Philadelphia for one of my best friend's weddings. I can't wait to be home and see my friends and family and celebrate the special day! Have a great week everyone!